Strategic Wrangler | Imagineer | Project Fire-Starter



Karlind Govender



proficient in:  socio-economic solutions • marketing • technology • design • public benefits









1. Socio-Economic Solutions

Educational Interventions
New Business Ventures
Community Engagement
Social & Youth Development
Product Supply & Strategic Trade Relationships



2. Marketing

Integrated Campaigns & Strategy
Promotional Activations, Design & Branding Frameworks
Video Production & Audiovisual Creations
Digital Development (Websites & Apps)



3. Technology

Provision of technology products and services for various needs.



4. Public Benefits

*via TODAYS FUTURE, a non-profit public benefit organisation and other outputs.



5. Cause Value






MAGICMILL is a business that trades in all areas, across any industry and sector.

It is dedicated to the pursuit
and implementation of good ideas- both new and existing.


At it’s core is the simple notion of building
a stronger South Africa via whatever makes sense

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To date, Karlind Govender has delivered solutions across
numerous industries, including work for blue chip brands,
local and provincial government, SMMEs &
international and non-governmental organisations.


Karlind has completed over 110 projects since 2001 and directed project teams of 2-35 people.
Work, retainers and contracts (prime-contractor and sub-contractor)
have valued from R25K to over R3.2M



Objectives | Ideas | Planning | Creation | Rollout





MAGICMILL is 100% black owned.